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Stay Safe in a Breakdown

There are times when your vehicle may break down for mechanical reasons, or because of extreme weather conditions. Preparation and knowledge is key to staying safe until help arrives.


Follow these tips:

1. Pull your vehicle off the road to a safe area.

2.Keep your motor running only to warm up the inside of your vehicle. Don’t run your vehicle unless the exhaust pipe is cleared of any snow.

3.Contact 911 for emergencies, or roadside assistance to get a tow or help with your vehicle.

4.Always dress warmly when using your vehicle in cold weather conditions. Keep extra hat, gloves, jackets, and a blanket in the vehicle.

5.Keep an emergency roadside kit with items like flares, jumper cables, salt or cat litter, flashlights, small tools, safety cones, and other items.

6.Mark your vehicle with safety cones and place a brightly colored cloth on the door or antenna for roadside assistance.

7.Avoid using your mobile phone for tasks other than contacting for help. Keep it charged.

8.Stay with your vehicle and remain calm.Having a vehicle breakdown can be a very scary experience – Be prepared by learning more about how to stay safe in this type of situation.

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