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Maintenance Reminders for the Cold Months

Temperatures well below freezing in many parts of the Midwest, emphasize the importance of maintaining your vehicle for all weather conditions.

We have a list of maintenance reminders to help you stay on top of your cars needs during these colder months.

Engine oil:  Checking and changing it regularly is important to the health of your vehicle year round, but is even more crucial when temperatures drop during winter. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend having your oil and filter changed every 6 months or 5000 miles driven – whichever comes first.

Coolant:  A coolant leak can lead to serious consequences if you live or travel to climates where temperatures may dip below zero. Ask your technician to check coolant every 30,000 to 50 000 miles of driving.

Tires: Check your tire pressure and tread depth regularly. This should be done once a month. If you plan on spending a lot of road time in snowy conditions, invest in winter tires. In any case, check tread to make sure they have enough life to get you where you need to go.

Brakes: Listen for grinding, squealing noises and vibration–all signs your vehicle may need some brake maintenance, Be sure the pads, rotors and calipers are all in good shape.

Washer fluid: Make sure your washer fluid reservoir is topped off with product rated for cold temperatures before doing any winter driving. Keep an extra jug of fluid in the trunk for long trips in case you get caught in a blizzard and go through fluid faster than normal.

Battery: Cold temperatures mean batteries must work harder to start your vehicle. Have your technician check the battery and alternator to be sure they’re both working properly. A weak battery often gives no warning before it fails to start your car, so having one you can count on is vital.

Stay safe out there!

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