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Do You Have a Checklist?

If you are looking to keep your vehicle in great shape then it’s important to have a maintenance plan. While this can sound daunting, regular vehicle maintenance is an easy way to manage the health of your vehicle to keep it running smoothly.

So, what should be in a vehicle maintenance plan and how can you go about implementing one? Here are a few key steps for a maintenance plan and some suggestions on how to handle each one.

  1. Regular oil and filter changes are one of the most critical tasks you can do to prolong the health of your vehicle. Typically, oil should be changed every 3,000 miles. Don’t sacrifice this maintenance task because it is one of the most important ones you should do routinely. There are many oils that will allow you to go longer than the standard 3,000 miles.

  2. Look for signs of leaks under your vehicle. If you don’t see any evidence of leaks. Also, make sure to check the fluids at least once a month.

  3. Checking your tire pressure and treads is a very important safety concern. The tire pressure should be according to your vehicle manufacturer, and you can find this information in the owner’s manual. You should check pressure and treads at least monthly.

  4. Check your Wiper Blades. Because they are made of rubber material, they can crack and deteriorate, reducing good visibility on your front or rear windows. Check and replace your wiper blades at least once a year.

If you need help with a vehicle maintenance plan, we would love to work with you to set up a schedule and answer any questions about your vehicle. Call us today!

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