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Severe Driving?

Updated: May 6

Are you an “aggressive” driver? Everyone answers “no” to this question because “aggressive” has become associated with road rage incidents. Today we replace “aggressive” with the word “severe.”

Severe driving is often unavoidable.

8 Types of Severe Driving

  1. Moving quickly through curvy roads

  2. Traversing gravel or sandy roads

  3. Driving in extreme heat, on icy roads

  4. Executing multiple lane changes in stop-and-go traffic

  5. Consistently driving 10 mph or more over the speed limit

  6. Short time dependent commutes

  7. Truncating a safe following distance resulting in frequent braking

  8. Driving with heavier loads such as a cargo or passenger van or towing a trailer

While most motorists have experienced “severe” driving on occasion, for other drivers it is an unavoidable part of their daily commute. If you are a severe driver, take extra care to avoid excessive wear and tear on your car, SUV or truck. Severe drivers are more likely to experience an inconvenient breakdown.

Increase Your Preventive Maintenance Intervals On These Six Important Items:

  1. Replace your motor oil and oil filters

  2. Top off or replace your coolant

  3. Have your brake pad thickness and brake fluid inspected regularly

  4. Check your tire tread depth

  5. Replace your windshield wipers

  6. Monitor your transmission and steering fluid

Other ways to avoid excess wear and tear on your car from severe driving involve slowing down, avoiding quick starts and stops, and removing heavy items left in your car’s trunk or truck bed. Remember gas mileage decreases rapidly when you drive above 60 mph.

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